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Mass Excavation, Inc. (Mass X)
Mass X provides residential, commercial and industrial site development, building site improvements and public works services.

Trusted by the Best

Aurora Military Housing
General Manager

“For the last eight years, Mass Excavation has undertaken all snow and ice service and response demands for the 17 neighborhoods at JBER, providing safe passage on the roads, sidewalks, and unoccupied units for the 3,262 families that reside with Aurora. Their commitment to maintaining safe roads and sidewalks for the JBER community has not only ensured that residents can travel safely, but it has also helped emergency response teams reach people in need during winter weather events. Our partnership with Mass Excavation is integral to our team’s success, and I can’t say enough about the positive experience we have had in working with this dynamic group of individuals.”

NC Machinery
Senior Advisor

“I wanted to say thank you to everyone for managing the project so well in regard to traffic flow, wait times, and of course the overall progress. The way you had the traffic flow set up for spring/summer/fall of 2022 worked really well for us at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. It was less of an impact than we had originally anticipated on our operations, finances, and the ability for our guests to arrive on time for education programs and events. I also appreciate the communication, weekly meetings, and keeping AWCC in the loop. Please know that we are thankful and appreciate all of you for your hard work.”

NC Machinery
Asst. Service Manager

Whenever working together on a project with Mass Excavation or trying to support their efforts, it is obvious they have an intent for a great working relationship with their customers, vendors, and other contractors. READ MORE >

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