Mass Excavation, Inc. is honored for Safety!

The State of Alaska Governor’s Safety Award of Excellence is presented to organizations demonstrating distinction in the following:  safety and health of their personnel, the environment, assets and reputation that demonstrates and promotes superior corporate citizenship.

Mass Excavation, Inc. is proud to be a 2018 recipient.  The team was honored at a luncheon on April 3, 2019.

Some examples of our commitment to reduce risk to employees include the following:

In late 2018, Mass Excavation held a “Best Safety Idea or Product” contest. We challenged each employee with submitting an idea.  Responses included LED safety vests and refreshing all of the ladder safety signage. The winning idea was to incorporate fold up ladders into each of our pick-up trucks, to ensure that individuals do not have to jump in and out of the beds.  The repetitive damage and nature of jumps from over 4 foot should reduce injuries to our staff. All who submitted ideas were thanked and recognized with the winner taking home a Yeti cooler.

During the 11/2018 earthquake, our shop team noted that the crane left the rails multiple times- while actively loaded.  Post-earthquake, we had the entire crane system re-inspected so that the shop could safely use it without worry of broken welds or internal damage.

Reduced risk to the employee is also accomplished through the purchase of the right tool for the right job.  Recent purchases include a dedicated track press, smog hog and screens for the 100 ton press.  Prior to our track press, employees would use a sledgehammer and heat to dislodge the track pins on our heavy equipment.  Hammering and heat allowed hot shards of steel to come off of the pins during removal and increase the possibility of worker injury, the track press reduces that risk.  The smog hog takes welding fumes and smoke away from staff.   The press screens prevent flying objects from leaving the work area, preventing injury to others working in adjacent areas.

We are also in the process of replacing all of our extension cords to 100ft 10gauge cords that incorporate cord lock technology on the female side.  The cord lock boxes allow a sealed space for extending the range of small tools.  The seal prevents shock from water and reduces cord damage to the ground side.

A refreshed safety video, available via the web and forwarded to all current employees, is also screened for each new hire.


MATHCOUNTS 2019 Bowling Fundraiser

Davis Constructors & Engineers and Mass Excavation successfully defended their title and participated in the MATHCOUNTS neon bowling fundraiser over Presidents’ Day weekend. The funds raised helps children improve their attitude about math and other problem solving techniques! The tournament proceeds helped support MATHCOUNTS through Alaska Engineering and Education Foundation (AEEF). If you want to learn more about MATHCOUNTS programs and how you can get involved click here.

Mass Excavation and Davis Constructors celebrate 10 year employees!

Mass Excavation, Inc. and Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc. recently honored four employees for ten years of service.  The 2019 inductees to the “10 year” club include: Mike Sanger, John Ridout, Shawn Cleary and Jason Lindsey.

Pictured below, the “10 year” crew:

James Murrell, Craig Worrell, Luke Blomfield, Kirk Waggoner, Jason Lindsey, Jed Shandy, Mike Sanger, John Ridout, Darla Hall, Carla Day, Kathleen Hendershot, Dean Cagle, Julie Lamp-Reece, Jon Bush, Shawn Cleary and Carl Swanson.


Pictured below:

Jed Shandy, Mike Sanger, John Ridout, Shawn Cleary, Jason Lindsey and Luke Blomfield.


Shop Safety – Construction Equipment Magazine

Read about shop safety hazards in the newly posted article from Construction Equipment Magazine. Link posted below.   

Award of Excellence – Andy Davidson

Big congrats to Andy Davidson, one of our Mass Excavation Superintendents, for being selected for a Mayor’s Certificate of Excellence Award! His resourcefulness, team-player approach to problem solving, and work ethic went well above just completing the project “on-time and on-budget”.


Free Classes and Job Opportunities – Construction Apprenticeship

Check out the variety of upcoming free classes offered through Alaska Works Partnership!

AWP Upcoming Classes AWP Deadlines and Job Opportunities

AWP Upcoming Classes

Craig Worrell, Director of Fleet Operations for Davis Constructors and Mass Excavation, is featured in the AEMP News!

Read the full article – AEMP News!


Alaska Works Partnership – Free Construction Training!

Click below on the following links to find out what training is provided by Alaska Works Partnership (AWP) in your area.

Anchorage FY19 Fall Flyer

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For more information about any of these programs visit their website at:


The Davis Constructors and Mass Excavation team / A Stroke of Genius- WINS The 2018 Dave Thorsness Rowing Challenge!!

After taking a year sabbatical, the Davis/Mass group wanted to take on “The Dave” challenge again and brought a new team together.  “The Dave” is named in honor of a man who helped bring the sport of rowing to Alaska. This Rowing Challenge offers members of the community an opportunity to learn a new sport, encourage competition, support the team and other community agencies, while at the same time, having a boatload of fun. It’s a team sport where everyone, literally, has to pull together.

With Emma as our coxswain, our team pulled together to win each of four heats and took home the championship.  A big thanks to the 2018 participants:  Ken Andrews, Cody Troseth, Chase Swalling, Devin Gottschalk, Ethan Schneider, Gaute Johansen, Jessica Tramp, and Sharayah Dollente.  Jed Shandy/ alternate and team captain.

A weekend regatta that puts teamwork to the test!  The Dave offers members of the community an opportunity for the ultimate team building experience while learning a new sport, encouraging competition and at the same time, having a boatload of fun.

See you next year!

Team Davis/Mass winning heat video!

The Barefoot Mile – an event to combat human trafficking in Anchorage!

Our friends at iHeartRADIO recorded Gwen Adams from Priceless to spread the word about the upcoming fundraiser.  Listen here!


Barefoot Mile to fight human trafficking


For more information visit the website!

Saturday May 19, 2018

1-4pm/Town Square Park